About Us

Fitband Bling crew (l-r): Bill, Will, Molly, Debbie, Tom and Chris at 2015 Turkey Trot in Williamsburg, Va.

In 2013, at our annual family run at the local Turkey Trot 5k, the idea of Fitband Bling was born. I was excited to have a Jawbone UP and had to tell everybody about it. There were a few converts. Not long after, my brother called and said wouldn't it be great if there was some dazzle to dress up the bands so they would fit in at the office and evenings out. The family challenge began to come up with the best idea for bit of Bling that would be easy to use, lightweight so not to affect the function and reasonably priced so it could be fun. Fitband Bling is the result.

Years later, we're still having fun adapting our product for new band models, offering many beautiful charms, casting our own exciting and unique designs and providing exemplary service to all our customers.  We're not happy until you are!

Along with my brother Tommy, his wife Chris, and our dad, Bill, we hope you enjoy the result...Fitband Bling!